SMOOTH (100% VG)

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Smooth Nicotine Salt produces tons of vapor while being soft on the throat. The result is an extremely smooth vaping experience without a harsh throat hit. Smooth is perfect for cloud-chasers who are looking for a strong concentrated exhale.

The 100% VG based Smooth Nicotine Salt allows you to use a lower amount of nicotine to achieve a bold flavor profile, where you can really taste flavor combinations. This is the nic salt we recommend using for beginners looking to get into vaping.

Nicxium offers the highest quality pure premium nicotine products for e-juice production and conversion. Nicxium’s nicotine solutions are tasteless which enables you to create any flavor profile imaginable. You won’t find better quality nicotine with more competitive pricing. Nicxium is USP, ISO 7 and GMP certified.